Reflect Reloaded

Next Evolution of the RFI experiment

Deflationary Mechanics Coupled With High Redistribution Yield

The R2F token uses an 8% redistribution fee. A percentage of every transaction or uniswap order gets redistributed instantly to all token holders. Along with the redistribution mechanics there is also a progressive deflation mechanic built-in.
This is achieved by using a burn address instead of a fixed burn fee. The burn address also receives a percentage of the redistribution fee. At launch this percentage will be 20% but will keep rising as more tokens are accumulated in the burn address. So there is less R2F tokens in circulation with each transfer. 


14,000,000 Total supply
2,800,000 sent to burn address instantly to initialize progressive deflation
10,000,000 Added to liquidity
1,200,000 reserved for integrated liquidity pools, partnerships, team rewards, giveaways and marketing

There was NO PRESALE, all liquidity is provided by the team


Integrated LP Pool Bridge

The R2F project branches out to integrate with other well known projects in the DeFi landscape. By creating shared liquidity pools with other tokens users that provide liquidity bridge so users are able to earn redistribution rewards from R2F and paired tokens.

Visit to view liquidity pairs.